Sunday, May 18, 2014

I used UBER - 新しいタクシーサービス

Do you know UBER? It is a new taxi pickup service with GPS.

I just used this service from home to the airport.  In Seattle area, this service started about a year ago and a driver told me that approximate 1,000 cars were available.

It is so simple.

After you register yourself in UBER website, you just call them from your smartphone.  Actually, not a voice call but just select icon a couple of times.

Then, they respond how many minutes they will take coming to pick you up.

After you arrive at your destination, you do not need any payment.  Just simply get off from a cab and ready to go.  A driver shows a fare and its receipt will be emailed to you.  It will even show a driving route and you can confirm if a driver did not cheat you.

Other similar services are available.  UBER is the actually marketing company which does not have any asset like cars and hire drives.

Information Technology will make / create more new business like this.

On the way to the airport, I asked him "How could you be a UBER driver?"

1) Examination
There are about 40 questions which they must be familiar with their local area to drive around.

2) Background Check
Criminal record, a car accident, speeding tickets and etc.

3) Car Evaluation
Then, they physically check a driver's car.








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